The search string diaries bite back

Trawling through three months of blog statistics yesterday, I discovered what may well be the strangest search string ever.

(Subtext here: with the current mix of three rampant Boys in my loungeroom, the Lovely Man’s father and stepmother arriving this afternoon, a three course lunch for nine to cook for tomorrow and several appointments to attend in addition, this post would perhaps better be titled “Search String Cop-Out”. But that’s ok, as Boy C would say.)


“when you’re up to your ass in alligators”


All I could think was:

Alligators? We don’t even have alligators in Australia! Why would I write about alligators?

Then, belatedly, I remembered this post.

Mystery solved, Nancy Drew.



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4 responses to “The search string diaries bite back

  1. Funny stuff.

    Blog stats that show keyword searches can be scary and wildly entertaining at the same time.

  2. I’m glad you decided to save time and link to a former post. It was one I hadn’t read yet, and the essay at the end is so spot on! Thanks for sharing!

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