Happy Stepmother’s Day

Yep, the Sunday after Mother’s Day is apparently (and unofficially) Stepmother’s Day.

Though, as the Lovely Man said when I told him what day it was, I don’t think we’d better hold our collective breath waiting for an annual public holiday to be declared in our honour. Even the Australian love of a gratuitous day off won’t get that one through the door. Not when so many adult children of divorce can’t get past their resentment (justified or not, but often not) of their stepmothers.

I wouldn’t dream of mentioning Stepmother’s Day to the Boys, in any case. Not unless I really, really wanted to get studiously blank faces at best and dismissive comments at worst. So no cakes, no cards, no breakfast in bed. Shrug.

Wednesday Martin’s recent article about Stepmother’s Day dishes the dirt we all know about why stepmothers can cop it so badly from our stepkids and their mothers, the wider culture and sometimes (saddest of all) their own partners.

Even if it never becomes official, even if our partners and stepkids recoil from the idea, even if the only people aware of the significance of today are other stepmums, it gave me a happy feeling to know that I have a community around me – web and “real” – who gets that our job is worthy of acknowledgment.

Happy day(s) to us all, then.



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6 responses to “Happy Stepmother’s Day

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  2. I just sent my husband a text “WTF…it was Stepmother’s Day?!?!”

    Although he did do all the laundry yesterday, had the kids clean the whole house and then took them ALL to the park while I stayed home by myself….come to think of it, maybe he knew. :)

  3. Happy Bonus Mom day to you! Sometimes our family celebrates the Sunday before and sometimes it’s the Sunday after…but it is always a day full of family time. This year I got breakfast and coffee in bed and then got to go back to sleep for a little extra shut eye! I highly recommend talking this up before next year so you can get your day! :)

  4. Happy Stepmom’s Day! Really, I think just taking any day to celebrate our families is enough. With or without cards, flowers, etc., my gang let me know what I mean to them, and that is enough for me.

  5. I guess it’s a day where we celebrate ourselves :)

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